Hello all! I wanted to post some images of recent sculptural work that either hasn’t appeared on the blog in finished form, or has only appeared in poorly taken images. (oops!) At my recent show at the Stutz building I was able to get some pretty good images of the Chalice pieces, so I’ve included those even though the pieces themselves aren’t brand new. I also wanted to post some images of newer print work that I’ve been making in the past few months for exchanges and whatnot. Enjoy!

Chalice I, silkscreen and monotype on paper, wood, thread, resin, paint. 12.5x14x8″


Chalice II, silkscreen and monotype on paper, thread, resin, wood, paint. 18x24x7″

Both the Chalice pieces were done by cutting out individual pieces of wood and gluing them together with spacers to form a curve. This was then puttied and sanded and painted to form the armature. The cups were made out of paper, hemmed with thread and then filled with resin to achieve the “water” effect.


Cerulea Luminosia, sculptural lantern piece made from paper and wood. 12.5×12.5×30″


Colonia III, two-plate line etch intaglio print, 15.5×20″


The Elusive Silver Lace Orchid, lithography, intaglio, silkscreen. 11×14″. This piece was done for the portfolio exchange “What Up Garo?” in honor of Garo Antreasian. A copy of the portfolio was presented to Garo Antreasian at Herron School of Art and Design in October of 2013.


Ode To Pink, variable edition using silkscreen, monotype, pronto plate. 11×14″ This piece was done for the all-girls exchange “Girls Who Print Girls”, which was organized by Betsy Stout and exhibited at the IU Bloomington campus. The exchange will also be exhibited this month at Youngstown State University in Ohio. With this piece I really wanted to make the print as PINK AS POSSIBLE!


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