Recent work and news!

Hi folks! I wanted to share some newer work that has been in progress!

After a lot of frustrating days in the studio I have recently come to the conclusion that I have too many projects going on at once. It’s strange. Most people think having no ideas is the worst, but I think that having too many ideas is just as bad. Overwhelmed with the amount of work I’m faced with I bounce around from piece to piece and often leave feeling like I accomplished nothing. So my new plan is to pick the two ideas/pieces that I am the most interested in developing, and stick with them for a while, not worrying about the rest. It will be hard to do that but maybe I’ll actually finish something!

This piece is completed for the most part. I’m interested in working on lanterns, and jellyfish are pretty fascinating to me – hence the jellyfish lantern idea. So I’m definitely going to keep mulling over and researching. But right now the technical aspects are getting in the way. So I’m going to take a little break from working on them for a while.


This piece will eventually be the top of another lantern:



These were originally intended to be part of the lanterns, but they are kind of turning into their own things. I’m calling them “bobbles”. They are pretty fun to make, and I like the idea of making a lot of them. Not sure how they will get resolved yet, but I’m happy with where they are going!


On the news front, I’ll be participating in a couple of shows at the Stutz building downtown Indianapolis in the next few months. The first one is the Walk Away With Art show, which will be at the end of this month on July 26th. You can find the details here:

I’ll also be in the September show with Heather Stamenov as we showcase the work we have done as residents at the Stutz during the last year, and in October for a sculpture show called “Rooted”.

Also, in other news, I was recently interviewed by an online diving magazine based out of Denmark, X-Ray Mag. The issue and article are both available here:



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