Oceanic Gardens

This post features images of recent/new work currently at Twist Gallery in Nashville, TN.!

“Coral Confection”

This piece continues to grow and I look forward to adding to it more! I’d like to also possibly incorporate some moving/kinetic elements…


“Coral Confection”



This piece needs work still, I don’t really consider it to be completely FINISHED, but I’m really pleased with the way the paper cups interact with the wooden sculptural form. Both of those elements were existing in my studio as separate and unresolved pieces, so putting them together worked out really nicely.






The following piece was done on the windows of the gallery during install, lots of silkscreening! It was a lot of fun to see how the different designs ended up working so well together…It became much more dimensional than I thought it would be…


“Spring Lace”

Cut “paper” panels…I did four total. This material is not actually paper, but is like paper in many respects. It is an unwoven interface material typically used in making suits. Much more durable than paper and less prone to tearing…Which, when you are doing intense detail cutting like this, is helpful to say the least!




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