Snippets and Tidbits

Hello friends! I’ve been busily working in the studio whenever I can snatch a few hours! I’ve got about a bazillion projects going right now, bopping from one to the other trying to finish work for the shows I have coming up in spring of next year. Here are a few pics of what I’m working on…

Here is a piece which I hope to become some kind of lacy coral confection made out of wood. It’s been kind of a pain in the ass to make however…so we’ll see if this one works out.

Before and After

Cuttings into synthetic paper/pressed fibers:



Here’s an in-progress drawing:


Will be posting more pictures soon, as work starts to take shape. Wish me luck in my creative endeavors!!!


One thought on “Snippets and Tidbits

  1. Wow… I am always so impressed by your creativity and wealth of detail! The wooden piece looks amazing, but I can’t even imagine the hand cramps that must come with it. Looking forward to more pictures soon 🙂

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