Spring is here!

Hello art lovers! After a whirlwind couple of months, I feel like things are finally starting to settle down a bit…having two shows back-to-back is something I will probably try to stay away from in the future! It does nothing good for stress levels!

My first show this year at Pellissippi State Community College was very well-received. I enjoyed meeting many students and teachers at the closing reception in February and talking to them about the work. I was also happy that the show was able to be used as a teaching tool on installation art, as well as opening the possibilities about what you can do with paper.

Immediately after deinstalling the show in Knoxville, I schlepped everything over to Nashville and began setting up for my most recent show at the Sarratt Gallery on the Vanderbilt campus. For this show I was able to introduce a new piece: “Our Ocean”. This piece is moving even more towards a sea-theme than I have explored previously, with small pieces that look like coral, interspersed on a wall covered with overlapping silkscreen designs. I need to make a lot more coral pieces for this installation, it felt a bit sparse to me when I got it up on the wall, although I was pleased with how the silkscreen patterns worked, and the overall color scheme.

A close up here: 

And a bit closer up here:


I also was able to add to the barnacle piece “We held to each other so tightly, we became as one” and hope to keep adding to it for a while…

Here is a close up of one of the newer sections:

When preparing for my artist talk I had an epiphany about my purpose with this work…thinking about the importance of beauty, and how I communicate that. I feel strongly that true beauty has worth. It is valuable. Hence, the hours and hours and hours I spend on the work. I think beauty is worth it. I communicate that importance by investing my time and energy, and people participate in the importance of it if they spend some time enjoying the art. So thanks for spending some time looking at the art. Cheers.


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