New work!

With two upcoming shows in January-February and February-March, I’ve been working hard trying to finish a couple of new pieces that I can include along with recent work. Hence the pretty much non-existent updates. So here is a long overdue update with some pictures. I’ve also updated my artist statement, and it has a little more explanation of how my concepts and ideas are continuing to evolve and grow.

I’ve been exploring new forms that reference more sea-life than I have before. This probably started with a piece I did in 2010 that was very barnacle-like. I had a good response to that piece, and I enjoyed making it. The coherence and unity that was created in a large group of similar objects was satisfying to produce. After a recent comment by a friend who was looking at some new objects and stated that they looked like something you would find in a coral reef, I’ve been experimenting with a variety of small forms that create groups. These groups go together to make a community of forms that all dwell together but have inherent differences.

When I originally started thinking about this show, I was thinking the colors would be more subtle. After a day-long printing session, I threw caution to the wind and came up with this:

a plethora of color.

I’ve also continued to explore barnacles as a subject matter. I like how the clusters of them form large beautiful fields of texture. Instead of having these barnacles be individual objects however, I’ve been sewing them all together. This has resulted in more than a few stabbed fingers, but I like how they look together. If only they didn’t take quite so long…..


2 thoughts on “New work!

  1. I just discovered your blog this morning. You blow my mind. Your work is luscious. Thanks for starting my day off with such inspiration.

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