New Drawings…

When I prepare myself for a new round of paper sculpture making, I like to come up with a new series of drawings that I then shoot onto screens for my silkscreen layers. For my show last summer, all the drawings were fairly organic, but abstract, and much more like doodles, similar to the following image:

For my show in the Basile Gallery I had a green theme, and a leaf trend that seemed to tie the whole show together. All the drawings I worked on for that show looked like clusters of leaves, which when screenprinted, looked like the following:

The drawings I am working on now are becoming more focused in their intent, and are starting to resemble actual plant forms. I feel like I’m revisiting some of the modes of thinking I tried in graduate school, where I was making up my own organisms. However, I think now I’m much more free and am enjoying myself a lot more! The following images are a few samples from the new drawings I am working on. Hopefully this in turn will lead to more sculptures and drawings that keep getting visually richer and richer.


2 thoughts on “New Drawings…

  1. Hey Lauren,
    Kyle has me checking out your work today to help me with my work and i just wanted to shoot you a message saying I love your work. It is so beautiful and i love the movement and the colors from the printing, lighting, and layering. Looking at your work has really helped me get a better idea for my new work for this semester. I hope all is well with you and good luck with the new school year. Also thanks for the acid bathe info totally impressed everyone at UT for making my own acid bathe!!!!!
    Thanks Lots
    Callie Farmer

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