Our Benevolent Thoughts

Here are some images from my recent show at the Basile Gallery, located in the Herron School of Art building.

Some of the work was also in a show from the previous summer, but most of the work was completed in the last few months specifically for this show. With this show I think I am getting even closer to achieving what I ultimately wish to do with my work…create an environment that transforms the space and allows the viewer to be transported visually and spiritually.

This is a view from outside the gallery looking in. I ended up screen-printing my signage on the window.

This was a set of three panels I made. Each panel is made from Chinese mulberry, cut using an x-acto knife.

Closer view…

I created a window installation using silkscreen on the glass, as well as leaf forms made from fabric stretched over wood. Paper was then cut into small shapes and glued onto the fabric.

Close up view of window installation…

This was a new sculptural piece I did for this show…”Tulips and Tomatillos”

Close up view here…

Overall, the show has been a great success…I’m now looking ahead to my third show at Twist Gallery in Nashville…Coming up in May. Cheers!


3 thoughts on “Our Benevolent Thoughts

  1. Wow… I LOVE the window installation!! (I need one in my sunroom!)

    Also, love the name “Tulips and Tomatillos” 🙂

    Thanks for posting these – definitely wish I could have been there for the real thing, but pictures are better than nothing!

  2. The work is beautiful Lauren. I used you as an example in my painting II class the other day and I showed them your blog and work. We were having a discussion on beauty. Currently in contemporary art beauty is often seen as something negative in work… So, I wanted to show them someone who I believe has validated beauty as legitimate subject matter. Really beautiful.. wish I could make it to see the show.

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