The Tectonic Tour de Force

I have finished my print for the Tectonics exchange…

The print features seven litho layers, a small amount of watercoloring, clear gloss spray varnish (which incidentally smells horrible), and a silk-screened dark purple-brown flat on the back. (I did not include a picture of the back because while it is a nice color, it would be boring to look at.)

By the time I had signed all of them and put inter-leaving between each print I had mostly reconciled myself to them, although the final print did not end up looking how I had planned. Good print experience though, and I’m looking forward to making some new prints soon.

Also, must start getting ready for my next show at the Basile Gallery in Indianapolis in December….I will be including some work from this summer’s show, but also hope to do several new pieces. More updates to come…


3 thoughts on “The Tectonic Tour de Force

  1. I’m just now seeing this post, so I’m commenting a little late, but this is gorgeous!! It reminds me of a kaleidoscope… I love the depth in it!

  2. I wanted to say this blog is almost amazing. I always like to hear something new about this because I have the similar blog in my Country on this subject so this help´s me a lot. I did a search on the matter and found a good number of blogs but nothing like this.Thanks for writing so much in your blog.

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